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Dear molly-bergstrom, am I a horrible friend because I didn’t know when your birthday was until now?

Hee, naw it’s okay, I really don’t make a big deal out of it.  

Yeah, but I was sitting here thinking, man, I should do something for her birthday. So Christmas it is. The socks are great, perfect addition to my cold weather collection :). Ps, I’ll pay you for more beanies if you’re ever bored ;-)

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massivenerdywarehouse replied to your post “Taking your child to school: the socially awkward parent edition I’m…”

For a long time now, I have been fully prepared to pre-order your awesome book about your life :p

I promise, its coming.  I lit a fire on the bridge of the job I called Wendy’s and as of this week, am officially a one job kinda girl.  I love it!  However, I have 3 days to move out of my old apartment, and I kinda haven’t even started….

Shit’s gonna be crazy!

and this appears to be my attitude about it all.


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Taking your child to school: the socially awkward parent edition
I’m pretty sure I could make money off my life rights…

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the thing to realize here is that conservatives find the idea of paying workers a livable wage so absurd that they make hyperbolic comparisons like this

because fifteen dollars an hour and a hundred thousand dollars an hour both mean the same thing to them; more than you deserve

^That commentary is very important.

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